Renewable, Hydro-electricity

What we offer:
Open to discussions related to the procurement of renewable electricity. As a provider of renewable hydro-electricity we can help organizations meet carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals in a cost effective, consistent manner. Our mission, quite simply, is to seize the overlooked opportunity to acquire and modernize hydroelectric facilities and develop power at unpowered dams. And by doing so, demonstrate the value of renewable hydropower and reduce our nation’s reliance on harmful carbon-based energy. It’s a mission we feel strongly about and are well equipped to achieve.

Products or Services:
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Saving

Service Area:
Currently Cube Hydro provides hydropower in the PJM RTO and New York areas. Additional portfolio additions will expand the serving geography to much of the United States. We are also interested in new development opportunities and incremental improvement in power generation through modernization of existing plants.

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Substainability Performance Goals:
Hydropower offers, dispatchable energy with a proven, low- risk technology. Hydropower is the United States’ most reliable and established source of clean, renewable energy, with over 130 years of operating history. As a certified renewable source of energy, hydropower provides clean electricity helping organizations meet RPS and voluntary greenhouse gas emission and carbon reduction goals.

Primary Contact

Rick Cunningham
Director, Marketing and Sales

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