Renewable Energy Services

What we offer:
Providing a full-service approach to renewable energy and carbon reduction solutions sourcing including PPA/VPPAs advisory and placement services, RECs/carbon offsets, and renewable energy marketing support.

1) Align and Educate Stakeholders
2) Develop Renewable Procurement Strategy
3) Project identification, analysis, and assessment
4) Customized deal structuring and contract negotiation
5) Post PPA/VPPA execution support, contract management, and marketing expertise

RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATES (RECs) AND CARBON OFFSETS - RECs are the most accessible way for organizations to purchase renewable energy. 3Degrees helped found these markets and have been providing RECs (and carbon offsets) to some of the largest renewable purchasers in the country. Our market reach ensures that we find projects that matter to your organization, customizing for technology type and regional/local generation sources to help connect with the communities you are linked to and make shared value connections with your key constituents.

COMMUNITY SOLAR - For those interested in using renewable energy but limited by buildings or infrastructure that are not good candidates for rooftop solar, Community Solar can be an option. 3Degrees has offered Community Solar advisory services and marketing since 2012, working with both developers and utilities to solve issues like facility sizing and location, ownership, customer acquisition/retention, billing integration, and risk mitigation.

GREEN POWER PROGRAMS - Our green power program services for utilities of all size and type include program design, green energy procurement, marketing, communications and outreach.

MARKETING AND OUTREACH - Over the last 15 years, we have honed our expertise in this area, helping to foster the development of the renewable energy market. Our sustainability marketing toolbox includes:
-Media relations
-Direct mail (including email)
-Social media
-Website development
-Door-to-door outreach
-Public events
-Outbound calling

Products or Services:
  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Saving
  • Marketing / PR

Service Area:
U.S. and International

Supplier Designations:
  • Social Enterprise (e.g.,B Corp, non-profit)

Substainability Performance Goals:
We connect people with cleaner energy on a massive scale. As more organizations understand the importance of embracing aggressive GHG reduction goals and planning for the ever-evolving energy landscape, our primary function is to find and provide the right renewable energy option(s) that meets their goals and addresses their preferences and constraints.

In addition to supporting our partners renewable energy commitments, we too have strong commitments to our core values. 3Degrees is a certified B Corp, a certification that includes rigorous social and environmental performance standards. Some of our commitments include matching 100% of our company-wide electricity use, covering the balance of employee car and business travel emissions with carbon offsets , purchasing water restoration certificates to address our H2O footprint and subsidizing public transportation commuting for our employees.

Primary Contact

Ryan Pawling
Business Development

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