Green-e Renewable Energy / Carbon Offset Certifications

What we offer:
<b>Certification of...</b>
— PPAs, on-site generation
— Products manufactured at facilities powered by certified Renewable Energy
— Companies who power their headquarters offices with certified Renewable Energy
— Buildings powered by certified Renewable Energy
— Events

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Products or Services:
  • Certification Services
  • Standarts Development

Service Area:
<b>Green-e certification is currently available in the U.S., Canada, and parts of northern Mexico.</b>

The <b><i>Green-e Energy International Standard</b></i> is being developed in 2016 (through an open stakeholder comment process) and will be available in 2017 to serve renewable energy purchases in select regions of Asia and beyond.

Green-e parent Center for Resource Solutions recently received a seed grant from Google. <a href "">Learn more about CRS's international work.</a>

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise (e.g.,B Corp, non-profit)

Substainability Performance Goals:
<b>Green-e certification supports sustainability goals.</b>
<li>Procurement of Green-e certified renewable energy and/or carbon offsets can result in additional LEED points</li>
<li>Use of Green-e certified renewable energy combined with Green-e certification allows corporations to safely declare a leadership position in stakeholder communications about their sustainable energy use</li>
<li>Procuring Green-e certified renewable energy or carbon offsets allows companies to make specific statements about their Scope 2 emissions profile</li>
</ol>Green-e certified product manufacturers currently label over 500 products with the Green-e label.

Primary Contact

Chip Wood
Director, Strategic Partnerships

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