Data Processing Services, Impact Sourcing

What we offer:
Would love the opportunity to meet with like-minded clients interested in solving data problems with an impactful solution. Samasource offers industry-leading data processing services that typically outperform crowdsourcing solutions to help solve our partners biggest challenges. We are a non-profit committed to high quality business outcomes with a meaningful and measurable mission.

With Samasource, you can train your computer algorithms with accurately annotated images, make your data searchable through tagging, captioning, & assigning of keywords, enhance and enrich data sets and provide high-quality product descriptions. We also own and manage our own proprietary platform, The SamaHUB, a web-based application for managing large data projects, including task workflow, distribution, quality control, and project-based training.

Service Area:
International HQ: Nairobi, Kenya
US HQ: San Francisco, CA

Service area: international

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise (e.g.,B Corp, non-profit)
  • Focused on Hiring People with Barriers to Employment

Substainability Performance Goals:
We believe that work is the most effective and comprehensive way to reduce poverty. Through sustained employment, people invest in healthier food, education, safer housing, and savings, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Simply put, a living wage transforms lives.

Samasource is a pioneer in the field of impact sourcing, the specific practice of hiring people from the bottom of the pyramid to complete digital work. By giving people training and a first job, we help them launch long-term careers that enable them to move out of poverty.

Primary Contact

Wendy Gonzalez
SVP & Managing Director, Samasource
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