FitBit for Responsible Business

What we offer:
What if you could track the performance of your supply chain without having to ask them? Ripl uses patented technology that we call "FitBit for responsible business." Ripl attaches to accounting software to keep track of the social and environmental performance of your suppliers (and their suppliers, and so on). Since we've specifically engineered Ripl to work easily for small and medium sized businesses, large organizations can use Ripl to engage with all of their supply chain. We'd love your feedback!

Products or Services:
  • Certification Services
  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Spend Analysis
  • Other Supply chain management and analysis.

Service Area:
We have found uptake in all sectors, including: hospitality, food/ag, professional services, and manufacturing. We have seen the most significant interest in supply chain-heavy industries: foodservice, construction, manufacturing.

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise
  • LGBT-owned Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise (e.g.,B Corp, non-profit)

Substainability Performance Goals:
Supply chain visibility
Supply chain education and capacity-building
Supplier diversity, e.g. spending on small business
Gender equality, e.g. gender pay equality
Environmental sustainability, e.g. use of renewable energy

Primary Contact

Justin Sacks

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