Expert on OEM Policies that impact repair and reuse

What we offer:
Available to discuss any terms and conditions or OEM policy announcements related to repair, resale, customization, upgrading, or disposal of high-technology assets.

Products or Services:
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Service
  • Standarts Development

Service Area:
International and Domestic buyers or users of high-tech assets including common IT equipment but also networks, cloud, IOT, industrial controls, HVAC and anything tech.

Substainability Performance Goals:
Buyers of technology products, in either IT, Procurement, or Sustainability roles, are rarely able to influence OEM policies that would enable longer-term use of equipment as part of a program to keep equipment in use and out of the waste stream. These terms and conditions are negotiable when understood.

Primary Contact

Gay Gordon-Byrne
Executive Director
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