Third party verified sustainability certification for IT products

What we offer:
TCO Certified is an international sustainability certification for IT products, making it easier to choose computers and other electronics that help meet today’s sustainability goals. Buyers worldwide choose TCO Certified to make sure the electronics they buy are designed for environmental and social responsibility. TCO Certified includes a wide range of environmental and social responsibility criteria throughout the product life cycle: manufacturing, use and end of life. Product models and their manufacturing facilities are third party verified for compliance.

Products or Services:
  • Certification Services
  • IT Hardware

Service Area:

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Substainability Performance Goals:
Helps make it easier for buyers to choose sustainably and responsibly made IT products
Helps buyers reduce the social and environmental risks of IT products
Provides buyers with built-in third party verification program to monitor compliance

Primary Contact

International Manufacturer Relations and Communications

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