Construction Services

What we offer:
Continually innovating means and improving upon our sustainability and supplier diversity programs, including unique ideas that directly or indirectly reduce wastes, our carbon footprint, incorporating programs for DBE participation, etc. Our services include but are not limited to: plant relocations, equipment installations, repairs and maintenance, critical laser machine alignments, structural and miscellaneous steel fabrications and installations, and structural concrete work.

Products or Services:
  • Energy Saving
  • Marketing / PR
  • Spend Analysis
  • Other

Service Area:
Our current market area is primarily focused in California however we have provided services throughout the continental US and seek to further promote this opportunity.

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Substainability Performance Goals:
With the ever increasing carbon footprint, deteriorating natural resources and critical shortages, it becomes a fiduciary responsibility for companies to develop sustainability plans which are specific to their industry and promote accountability.

Our program provides an assessment profile and a measurement for improved performance for the years to come. Development for each key element derives from historical information and the experiences of management to determine the objectives and goals. Each element is evaluated and assessed to determine the practicality and ability to successfully manage, minimize or eliminate potentially harmful environmental wastes, community impact assessment, and a financial significance to all program stakeholders.

Primary Contact

Bruce Elliott

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