Impact Sourcing

What we offer:
“Impact sourcing” is an inclusive employment practice through which companies intentionally connect high-potential, disadvantaged youth to available jobs. Research shows that impact sourcing results in a more engaged and motivated workforce for companies, and enables them to increase their global competitiveness—all while hiring people who might otherwise have limited opportunities for work. Impact sourcing is proven to help companies optimize the performance of their business, due to proven benefits such as staff retention and cost savings, while simultaneously making a social impact.

Service Area:
The Rockefeller Foundation supports a range of partner organizations to support and scale impact sourcing—particularly in Africa, where the Foundation sees growing youth unemployment as a challenge that can ultimately be harnessed as an opportunity for business innovation and social good. To learn more about impact sourcing and how you can get involved, please contact

Substainability Performance Goals:
By integrating this inclusive employment practice into their business models, companies have the opportunity to achieve business goals and targets, and at the same time highlight their commitment to the local communities in which they operate. The Rockefeller Foundation is committed to growing the impact sourcing sector by supporting businesses interested in learning, adopting, and building relationships within the sector to ultimately position impact sourcing at the forefront of innovative business models.

Primary Contact

Elena Matsui
Strategy Associate

Jon Browning
Impact Sourcing Consultant

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