Buyer Risk Management Solutions - Supplier Sustainability Certification & Information Systems

What we offer:
Verego offers the world's only certifiable standard that covers the full spectrum of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility - Leadership, Ethics, People, Community, and Environment. Our management system certification recognizes companies that have adopted best practices necessary for being part of a sustainable future. The Verego certification can be utilized by suppliers looking to gain a competitive advantage or also used by buyers as a risk management solution for driving supply chain improvements. In addition to our certification services, we offer a suite of supplier information management tools that enable efficient and effective analysis and assurance of supplier sustainability performance.

Products or Services:
  • Certification Services
  • IT Service
  • Standarts Development
  • Training Services

Service Area:
Up to this point, Verego has had the most success deploying our certification services within the indirect procurement departments of large buying organizations in the technology industry. These buyers utilize the Verego standard as part of their Quality Management programs that drive supplier improvements and moving forward, we hope to leverage this previous success across other industries with substantial indirect procurement operations.

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise (e.g.,B Corp, non-profit)

Substainability Performance Goals:
Our certification and assurance services enable buyers to reduce their supply chain risks while at the same time increasing their suppliers' sustainability performance. In order for a supplier to become certified to the Verego SRS Standard, suppliers must demonstrate that management systems are in place to proactively manage and positively impact the key areas of corporate responsibility - stakeholder engagement, ethical conduct, employment, community development, and the environment.

Primary Contact

Justin D'Atri
Director of CR Services

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