Tree-free Paper: Trees Belong in Nature, Not in Paper

What we offer:
TreeZero Paper produces and distributes a 100% all purpose copy paper:
TreeZero paper is a high performance multipurpose paper for photocopiers, ink jet and laser printers. Its manufacturing process is specially designed to preserve the environment by taking advantage of a rapidly renewable fiber, eliminating the use of elemental chlorine and delivering excellent quality, high brightness, and premium quality thanks to state of the art technology used in the ream conversion process.

Products or Services:
  • Printing Services / Supplies
  • Wood and Agrifiber Products

Service Area:
Our main target markets are:
1. Fortune 2000 companies that have sustainability initiatives
2. College and Universities
3. Government

We have national distribution and are looking to penetrate with organizations that share our environmental mission.

Supplier Designations:
  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Substainability Performance Goals:
Our paper is made from the waste fiber that results from extracting sugar from sugarcane. Typically, this fiber would be land-filled or burned. Instead, we're using it to make high quality paper. The water used in the paper production process is filtered and recycled back to irrigate the sugarcane plantation. Bagasse (sugarcane) is a rapidly renewable fiber (RRF), growing 2-3 times a year.

TreeZero paper significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of a product that is a widely used EVERY day. Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) shows significant emissions reductions compared to virgin paper and even recycled paper.

Primary Contact

Michael Nilan

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