Online application for sustainability capacity building

What we offer:
Sustrana offers an online platform to help companies build capacity for sustainability management. By using Sustrana, companies find answers to the WHAT and HOW questions they are often challenged with. The Sustrana platform includes a process and tools for developing a sustainability strategy, prioritizing work, picking projects, and implementing a plan. Sustrana also provides an affordable and actionable solution for supplier companies working to address customer requirements.

Products or Services:
  • IT Service

Service Area:
Our solution is a cloud based SaaS solution that can be accessed by users around the world.

Supplier Designations:
  • Woman-owned Enterprise

Substainability Performance Goals:
The Sustrana platform provides suppliers with a comprehensive guide for integrating sustainability into their organization. Based on a six step process for sustainability management, the affordable online service helps user companies to define a strategy, prioritize work, pick projects and implement a plan. For supply chain managers focused on improving sustainability in their supply chain, this is the optimal tool for supplier performance improvement.

Primary Contact

Jennifer Anderson

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