FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a speed-dating event?

No. You are in control of scheduling meetings with participants who are of greatest interest to you. In the weeks leading up to May 24th, you can view other participants' profiles and send requests for 15 minute one-on-one meetings. Both suppliers and buyers can send, confirm, or deny meeting requests. The maximum number of one-on-ones that can be scheduled is 16.

Who are the buyers that attend SPLC Connect?

Connect "buyers" tend to be procurement and supply chain professionals from private sector companies, government agencies (federal, state, and local), higher education institutions, and even the nonprofit sector. Participants range from Chief Procurement Officers to analysts. They tend to be more focused on indirect procurement, and supplier diversity. As we get closer to the event, you will be able to see exactly who will be there by viewing the Participants. You can also get a sense by viewing the participants from our 2015 Connect event. 

What product and service categories is this matchmaking event focused on?

The focus is on finished goods and services that are consumed by most organizations as part of their operations. To name a few: IT hardware and services, professional services (marketing, PR, legal, etc), procurement and sustainability consulting, electricity and fuels, transportation, travel, fleet, cleaning and sanitizing, construction/renovation, real estate, paints and coatings, furnishings, food and beverage, wood and agrifiber products, such as copy and sanitary papers. 

Inputs for manufacturing and goods for resale are not a focus of this event because there are often industry-specific tradeshows or matchmaking events better suited for those (e.g., AIAG for car parts, EICC for electronics components, CGF for consumer products, etc).

Who organizes this event?

SPLC Connect was conceived of and designed by Purchaser Role members of the Council. They wanted to create a place where they and their peers could find solutions that had been vetted by sustainability-savvy purchasing professionals to cut out greenwashing. All supplier registrants are reviewed by SPLC staff and purchaser members volunteering on the SPLC Summit Planning Committee. 

Do I have to register for the Roundtable Discussions?

If you don't register for a Roundtable Discussion in advance, there will usually be space for you to drop in on them the day-of. We recommend registering for a Roundtable Discussion in advance if you know you don't want to receive requests for one-on-one meetings during that time and if you want the Roundtable Discussion to show up as an item on your personal schedule.

Is there a fee for the event?

There is no fee for Buyers.
There is a $250 fee for SPLC members registering as Suppliers and a $750 fee for non-members registering as Suppliers. Suppliers will only be asked to pay this fee after their application/profile has been approved by the Planning Committee. After approval, you will be sent a link to pay. Once payment has been made, your profile will go live and you can begin requesting and accepting meeting invitations. Click here for more information on SPLC membership. 

How do I register for the event?

Click on the blue Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the page. Complete your profile with information about your company and the products or services you are offering and/or looking for. There is a fee for suppliers. If you are a supplier, you will be asked to pay after you have been approved by the committee to participate.   


What is a Matchmaking Profile and is it possible to insert more than one?


matchmaking_profile.pngMatchmaking Profiles are where you describe the Products/Services you are looking for or that you are offering. They are what populate the list in the Products/Services tab.


We encourage you to create multiple Matchmaking Profiles in order to communicate the different needs or offerings you have. When people issue meeting requests, they will be in relation to one of your Matchmaking Profiles, which can help you know which product or service they are most interested in talking about. 


To create a new Matchmaking Profile, click "Matchmaking Profile" under "My Profile Administration" in the lefthand menu. Click the Add New Matchmaking Profile button.


Why haven't I received any or many meeting requests?

  • None? 

    • Check to see if your profile has been approved. Buyer's profiles should be approved immediately after registration. Supplier profiles are only approved by the Planning Committee, upon review. If your profile has not been approved, for any reason, no one can see your profile or book meetings with you. If your profile does not appear in the Participants listings, this may be the case. 
  • Only a few? 

    • The better your profile the more meetings requests you will receive. When you originally registered, did you go through the questions quickly without providing meaningful and qualitative information about solutions you need or offer? Go to the "My Profile Administration" header and click one of the profile links to provide more details that will help you come up when people are searching and browsing the Participant, Company, and Products/Services lists, or when using MyMatch.


How does MyMatch work?

Keywords you used in the "Details" area of your Matchmaking Profile are analyzed by the Converve matchmaking algorithm to determine matches shown in MyMatch. 


I've registered as a Supplier, how will I know if I've been approved?


The Planning Committee will review your submission, and all other newly completed submissions, at its next bi-weekly meeting. You should hear within 2 weeks if your application to participate has been approved, held for further consideration, or declined. Please do not book travel until your place in the matchmaking event has been confirmed. In the event it is not confirmed, your full registration fee will be refunded. 


Are SPLC Supplier Role members guaranteed a spot in Connect?

All SPLC Supplier Role members who register will have their profile's reviewed by SPLC Staff and the purchaser volunteers from the Summit Planning Committee. There is no guarantee that Supplier Role members will be approved to participate given that spaces will be allocated in proportion to and in alignment with the needs of the registering purchasers. Investing in creating a high quality profile can increase the chances the Planning Committee will accept your application to participate! 

Who should I list in the Personal Profile?

The Personal Profile should be completed for the person who will participate in the matchmaking event onsite and utililize the Converve platform. Participants should indicate their contact details (especially e-mail and mobile phone number) to be directly informed about registration, agendas, or changes in the event set-up. 


Can I have multiple employees participate in Connect on behalf of my organization?

Yes absolutely. If you want them to be able to schedule meetings separately, each individual participating will have to register separately, creating their own separate company profile and product profile(s). Suppliers will have to pay an additional registration fee for each participant with their own meeting schedule. If the employees all share the same registration fee and company profile, they will be required to attend the same meetings. 


What is my password?

You set your own password during the Sign-up process

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

There is a password recovery link in the login area. Use this link to receive an email with further instructions.  


Is it possible to modify my profile?

Yes, it is. Log in on the top lefthand corner with your email and the password you created during the registration process. Select any of the links under "My Profile Administration" to modify any of the content you have already inserted. 


When will my profile be available online?

Every profile will be quality checked by the event organizer.

For Buyer registrants, your profile will be visible immediately.

For Supplier registrants, the profile may be approved within a few days or be held until the next bi-weekly meeting of the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee will review the profile and decide to approve it immediately, reject it immediately, or hold it for further consideration. One of these three outcomes will be communicated to the Supplier registrant within 2.5 weeks of submission.


How can I book meetings?

You can find Buyers or Suppliers you'd like to connect with in multiple ways. You can browse the Participant List, Company List, and Products/Services List and click the blue "Request a Meeting Button." From the Meetings link on the lefthand side you can view who is available. You can also view potential matches using the MyMatches link on the lefthand side. 

You can also search for others using the search bar in the top left and Advanced Search (see right).


Ok, so I've booked a meeting. Now what? 

The person with whom you've requested a meeting will either accept or reject your meeting request. If they accept, they'll suggest a time to meet that works for both of your schedules. 


How do I manage my meetings? 

You can always manage your meetings on the "My Schedule" page, located in the left panel under "Meeting Administration." If a meeting request is sent to you, the invitation will appear as a "Pending request" on your homepage and in My Schedule. To review your request click on the meeting link, which will open to your schedule and show you sender's information (click the screenshot on the right to see what that looks like). This is where you will be able to view the meeting details, and accept or decline. If you choose to accept a meeting, you will then propose a time for the meeting.


Why isn't the meeting I requested appearing on my schedule? 

When you request a meeting, the other person first has to either accept or reject your meeting request. They may not have done that yet. If they accept, they then have to suggest a time to meet that works for both of your schedules. Once they suggest a meeting time, you will then need to accept the time for the meeting to appear on your schedule. 



Can I refuse a meeting request?

Yes, of course.

  1. Under "Meeting Administration" on the lefthand menu, select the link "Meetings" to list all meeting requests.
  2. Use the "Decline" link to refuse a meeting request.


What if, due to unforeseen reasons, I cannot participate in the matchmaking event?

Please inform the event organizer immediately. If you have booked meetings or you have been booked for meetings, please get directly in contact with your meeting partners and tell them that you cannot keep the appointment.


None of these FAQs answer my question. What do I do?

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