Last year, 75% of participants registered in the final 21 days before the event!

Register now so you'll be seen by all of those coming in at the end, and be able to receive their meeting requests!

Five Easy Steps

  1. Sign up
  2. (Suppliers: Wait to be approved)
  3. Find people to meet with by browsing the Participants, Companies, and Product/Services lists, and using the MyMatch suggestions
  4. Send and respond to requests for One-on-One meetings. Sign up for Roundtable Discussions
  5. May 24th: Print your Schedule and head to SPLC Connect. Enjoy additional networking over food and drink!


Step 1: Signing Up

Note: If you signed up for SPLC Connect while registering for the SPLC Summit, you should have received an email with a link to finish setting up your Connect profile in this matchmaking site. You will want to use that link to get set up rather than starting with the "Sign Up" button on this site.

During sign up, you will be asked to provide:

  1. Basic company profile information
  2. Information for a Primary Company Contact
  3. Information about one Product or Service you are offering (Suppliers). Information about Solutions you are interested in (Buyers).

Once you complete the sign up process, you may add as many additional Product or Service profiles you like. 

STEP 2: Supplier Approval Process

A committee of SPLC Purchaser Role members, supported by SPLC staff, reviews all nominated suppliers. Suppliers are selected to participate when their products and services offer superior environmental, social, and/or economic responsibility and when those solutions align with needs expressed by registering buyers. Committee approval is a requirement for SPLC Supplier members as well as non-members. Please do not book travel to attend Connect until your participation has been approved, which can take between 1-14 days depending on the committee meeting schedule.


STEP 3: Find people to meet with


  • Participants List - This page, found in the top menu, shows the individuals participanting in SPLC Connect, along with their title and company.
  • Company List - This page, also found in the top menu, shows the companies represented at SPLC Connect. 
  • Products/Services List - This page shows the products and services that buyers are looking for and suppliers are offering. When you complete a Matchmaking Profile during registration, that information informs this list. 

Filtering Companies:

You can filter the Companies list using the Advanced Search link that appears underneath the Search Box on that page.


Screenshot_2016-05-12_10.48.05.pngSearching and Filtering Product/Service Offerings:

  • The "Search" box located in the left-hand sidebar on every page can be used to search and filter within the Products/Services listings, only.
  • Note: It cannot be used to search/filter within the Participants or Companies lists. To search within those pages, use the search options within those list pages:


  • The "MyMatch" navigation link located on the left hand side will provide you with suggestions of possible participants that match the keywords you used in the "Details" area of your Matchmaking Profile.


 STEP 4: Schedule One-on-Ones and Roundtables

One-on-One Meetings

Interested in meeting with a particular Participant or Company? Click on their photo or title to view their full profile. 

  • Request a Meeting - click on the screenshot to the right to see what a meeting request looks like.
  • You'll be able to add a personal note in the meeting request text box before sending your request.
  • The recipient of your meeting request will then choose to accept or reject the request. 
  • If your meeting request is accepted, the request recipient will suggest a time based on both of your availabilities.


Roundtables Discussions:

  • Eight Roundtable Discussions, each lasting 35 minutes each and focusing on hot topics in sustainable purchasing, will take place throughout the day at SPLC Connect. You may register for those in advance or drop in on them when you don't have a one-on-one meeting taking place.
  • We recommend registering for a Roundtable Discussion in advance if you know you don't want to receive requests for one-on-one meetings during that time and if you want the Roundtable Discussion to show up as an item on your personal schedule.

 STEP 5: PRint your Schedule and head to splc connect

  • You can always manage your meetings in My Schedule.
  • Before the event takes place, you will be able to finalize your schedule, download your appointments into your Outlook calendar and print a PDF of your schedule (see screenshot on the right).
  • Have a great time networking at SPLC Connect!




 Other useful information



The "MyMatch" navigation link located on the left hand side will provide you with suggestions of possible participants that may match your needs or services. Keywords you used in the "Details" area of your Matchmaking Profile are analyzed by our matchmaking algorithm to determine matches shown in "MyMatch". 


The "Contacts" navigation bar located on the left hand side of the "My Homepage" will provide you with your contacts. You will also be able to send messages and export contact information into your outlook.

Profile Administration

By using the side navigation link Company Profile (located on the left hand side of the screen) you are able to access your profile, make any changes and updates. We suggest that you have all necessary information uploaded prior to the opening of the meeting scheduling.

In addition to updating your profile, you may also add additional participants to your profile allowing them to have access to the matching program. You may do so by clicking the “Add New Personal Profile”  button under the Personal Profile” link.

You can also add or update your "Matchmaking Profile." Matchmaking Profiles are where you get to describe in detail what solutions you are looking for, or, that you are offering. To begin a new Matchmaking Profile, click "Matchmaking Profile" under "My Profile Administration" in the left hand menu. Click the "Add New Matchmaking Profile" button.




Got questions? Visit the FAQ page.